Frequently Asked Questions


Who works for you and how do you hire and train them?

Our staff is thoroughly vetted. When anyone applies to be a dog walker, we first require a current resume and cover letter, along with personal and professional references. WE MEET THEM IN PERSON to interview and get to know them, make sure they have the necessary dog smarts/understanding on how dogs get walked in NYC and how they are to behave in our clients apartments and a million other things- we cover every base there is.  If hired, everyone signs our employment agreement that includes FCAP's do's and don't s (each initialed and discussed). After that they spend the day with one of our seasoned walkers before walking solo.  Everyone is helped and monitored on a daily basis by our manager and owner in case any questions or concerns come up on our walks or with our dogs.


Are you insured?

You betcha! We are fully insured on the business and employment side. Our staff are paid fairly, are on payroll which gives them worker’s comp and protects us all. We pay them hourly and  not a "per dog" rate.



Yes, we do keep consistency and if you have any type of continual schedule your dog will have the same walker. If you are receiving 2-3 walks per day then our second shift walker may need to get involved. Like everyone else, our walkers do need days off and so when that’s the case we send in the secondary walker who also walks in your neighborhood. They help each other out so they can get days off  that they need. If you are considering our services we set up meet & greet so you can meet us- at no charge to you!

People do come and go and when that happens and it’s a new walker we’ll let you know. We’ll even set up a meet greet! Please refer to the above Q/A regarding our walkers.


Is there a walk minimum?

No way! Use us when you need us, on demand with our app anytime anywhere!


When do I need to cancel if I don’t need a walk?

If you have any type of recurring walks please let us know by  5pm the business day prior and we will not charge you for the cancelation.  Please know that the Schedules get created every day for the following day and since we offer on demand and change p/u windows to accommodate our dogs it takes time to create.


Do you offer weekend walks?

Absolutely! We just need to coordinate the walk(s). Just let us know and we’ll make it work.


Do you charge extra for special requests?

Nope! We drop pups off at the beauty parlor, we feed dogs and even pick them up from the vet. We’ve got a client that we brush at the end of each walk. It’s your dog’s time and we’ll do what’s needed, within reason!


If I don’t have a doorman to hold keys where are my keys kept?

We do not use lock boxes. Your keys are secure and accounted for. Our walkers go out with them and they are returned based on their walking schedules. All keys are collected and kept in our secure office located at University and E. 11th Street in Greenwich Village.


Are you available during the holidays? 

We are. Some of our staff need to go home for the holidays but we do have a limited staff for our clients that have to work.